Make the most of your process

Fluctuating raw material qualities, process variations, changing production requirements and varying degrees of expertise of plant operators can cause a conventional process control with rigid sequencers to quickly reach its limit.

The Virtual Expert System is a software solution developed by GIMBIO, which optimizes key processesin the brewery like filtration or lautering.

Through constant monitoring and evaluation of all relevant process parameters, the Virtual Expert optimizes your process through a transparent set of rules for the various production stages. Depending on the situation, the Virtual Expert adjusts the controller set points during the process. Existing process “know-how” will also be incorporated and permanently preserved.


GIMBIO’s Virtual Expert Filtration and Virtual Expert Lautering ensure the optimal utilization of your equipment and contribute to a lasting reduction in production costs. 


Virtual Expert Filtration

Process control system for precoat filtration

Virtual Expert Lautering

Process control system for the lauter tun

Lower production costs due to an intelligent filter management system

The Virtual Expert Lautering guarantees an optimized lauter process