Give your filter the chance to shine!

The clarification of beer using diatomaceous earth filtration is one of the key processes in a brewery.


Due to fluctuations in raw materials and heterogeneous storage situations, a beer’s filterability varies not only between beer types but also from batch to batch. A rigid recipe control responds insufficiently to these changes and most of all it cannot respond with sufficient speed.


This is exactly where the Virtual Expert Filtration helps to optimize your production process. The software Virtual Expert Filtration supports the work of the plant operator, maximizing the performance of your filter. This helps reduce the amount of expensive diatomaceous earth consumed, as well as reducing the total energy and the consumption of auxiliary materials. At the same time, the Virtual Expert Filtration ensures a consistent beer quality.


The Virtual Expert Filtration can be integrated into any existing system even with filter systems from different manufacturers, without downtime and loss of production.





Save existing process knowledge and increase production reliability

Save diatomaceous earth - Increase filter life time