The Lauter process with an expert in control

Extended lautering times as well as large deviations in brew quality and yield can be caused by numerous factors, whether through variations in malt quality, either seasonal or batch fluctuations, or variations caused by uncertainties in the milling or mashing process.


Fine tuning the process to meet these fluctuations and the interactions between the individual components are the key factors in the lautering process.


The expert system Virtual Expert Lautering offers a completely new kind of brewing process management. The software takes into account all relevant parameters of the lautering process and simultaneously optimizes those parameters, thus ensuring the optimal management of your brewing process.


Lautering times are minimized, bottlenecks are avoided and yields are maximized, while a consistent quality is ensured.


The Virtual Expert Lautering can be integrated into any existing system even with lauter tuns made by different manufactures, without downtime and loss of production.



Concurrent control and automatic adjustment of all relevant parameters of the lauter process

Minimizing lauter time while maximizing yield

Ensure quality

Avoid bottlenecks

Integrated into any existing system without downtime