Process optimization - non-invasive and immediately retrofitted

Existing technical process automation solutions are usually limited to the measurement of classical process variables such as temperature, pressure and pH levels. Biotechnological process parameters such as the amount of enzyme, biomass and substrate concentration are not taken into account. This often leads to unsatisfactory process trends.


GIMBIO’s non-invasive process measurement systems SONOFILL and SONOSNAP fill the existing gap with special non-contact sensor systems. The sensor system can continuously and hygienically measure a tank’s content, limit value, and extract. Even bright tanks can be retrofitted with SONOFILL and SONOSNAP at any time.


Ultrasonic probes are attached to the outside of tanks or pipelines. The probes do not come into contact with the product. Even very high sterilization requirements can be reliably met.



Existing systems can be upgraded at any time during operation.



non-invasive ultrasonic-based level measurement and limit control



non-invasive ultrasonic- based limit switch for liquids


Installation during operation - no downtime


Retrofitted at anytime

Hygienic, no contact between the sensor and the product