SONOSNAP - Non-invasive limit switch for all types of liquids

SONOSNAP - tank and pipeline monitoring has never been so easy. With this new method of evaluation it is no longer necessary to transmit an ultrasonic signal through a medium. This allows for measurements in containers and pipes of all kinds, regardless of internals, size, length, gas bubbles or solids.


An ultrasonic probe is attached to the outside of the pipe or to the outer wall of the tank. Access to the interior is not necessary. The ultrasonic probe never comes into contact with the product. SONOSNAP is used reliably even at the highest sterility requirements.


Many tasks involving the supervision of limit values in liquids can be solved, without a complicated installation thanks to SONOSNAP. 


SONOSNAP - flexible and cost-effective.


One or multiple probes are fixed at the desired height to serve as binary switches

Fixing takes place on the outside of the vessel wall or pipe